Fluorescent reporter cell line generation

Far too often, scientists use expensive fluorescent reporter cell lines for in vivo tumor growth visualization (2500/3000€ for a cell line), while cheaper and simple ways exist.

Why not generate your own fluorescent reporter cell line?

Vectalys provides lentiviral vectors with constitutive fluorescent reporter to do that easily. With a single batch (5 fold cheaper than a cell line), you can generate several types of fluorescent cell lines.

Protocol for reporter cell line generation

You never have done this kind of experiment? Do not worry, our experts have created a simple guide with three steps to generate your own reporter cell lines with success. For more details, download the transduction protocol below:

Generation of reporter cell line: proof of concept

To give you an example, our products have already been used for reporter cell line generation and in vivo injections as described below:

Schéma reporter cell line generation V2

Figure 1: generation of reporter cell line (prostatic PC3 cell line) using Vectalys' lentiviral particles and in vivo injection

Tumor growth and metastasis visualization

Figure 2: tumor growth and metastasis visualization using luminescent and fluorescent cell lines

NB: for the development of a stable tumor cell line, it is possible to make a clonal selection of the parental generated cell line by limiting dilution. This gives the possibility to select the levels of expression in fluorescence and luminescence adapted to the requirements (subcutaneous grafts, orthotopic grafts etc.).

Lentiviral vectors vs reporter cell lines: benefits and drawbacks.

Premade fluorescent lentiviral vectors

*The use of lentiviral derived vectors or genetically modified cells requires laboratory biosafety procedures and practices in accordance with your country regulations: 



If you have any additional question related to the transduction protocol, please feel free to contact our technical support at tech@vectalys.com.