Lentiviral vectors with bioluminescent reporters

Vectalys lentiviral vectors bioluminescent reporter are prepackaged lentiviral particles expressing firefly luciferase.

Lentiviral vectors with bioluminescent general reporter

Vectalys provides ready to use reporter lentiviral vectors expressing Firefly luciferase.

  • ILV-EF1a-Luc

    Luciferase reporter Distributed by Vectalys
    Price upon request
    Vectalys premium Integrative Lentiviral Vector expressing Firefly luciferase under EF1a promoter
    1x20μl (ILV-EF1a-Luc-9-001) or 5x20µl (ILV-EF1a-Luc-9-010)
    Titre: 1E9 TU/m