Large-scale production of lentiviral tools

Vectalys offers customised lentiviral vectors at a large-scale (>10 ml) in Vectalys Premium quality.

The popularity of lentiviral vectors in pre-clinical & clinical programs brings pharmaceutical companies to consider large volumes of vectors for their development projects. To meet these needs, Vectalys provides large-scale production of lentiviral tools and guarantees the same high quality whatever the volume.

High quality lentiviral manufacturing platform

Vectalys provides large-scale lentiviral vector productions (>10 ml) with the same titer, purity and lead time as small scale Vectalys Premium batches.

As a result, the same premium lentiviral vector composition can be used going from research to therapeutics:

High quality from small scale to large scale

The data above exhibit the same viral product features and demonstrate our capability to produce the same high quality lentiviral vector batches from small to large-scale productions. The same quality of vector means a seamless scaling up from small to large cell number experiments.

Use the same quality from basic research to therapeutics

Large scale applications

In gene therapy development, assays are first performed on immortalised cells and must be further translated to primary cells and tissues before in vivo experiments take place. All these assays consume a large quantity of vectors.

With large-scale lentiviral vector productions, Vectalys allows scientists to work with the same high quality vector from in vitro research to in vivo therapeutical experiments.


  • Pre-clinical gene therapy assays (CAR T cells, immunotherapy, gene editing, inherited genetic diseases)
  • Animal disease modelling (vaccination, metabolic disorder, other models…)
  • High throughput screening

Estimated number of transduction experiments you can expect with each volume:

Estimated number of transductions

The image above represents an estimated number of transductions one could perform with each scale of lentiviral vector batches, on HEK293T and T lymphocytes. For example, a single 25ml batch of highly purified and concentrated lentiviral vectors, allows to perform 5000 transductions of HEK293T cells into 6 well plates.

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