In vivo models generation using lentiviral vectors

Preclinical in vivo experiments based on expression modulation in specific animal tissue are a key step for drug and target validation and are becoming essential for gene therapy approaches. For both in vitro and in vivo applications, lentiviral vectors are the tool of choice to quickly develop physiological screens. 

Looking for gene knock in or knock out in vivo models? Vectalys’ expert team will help you design your custom in vivo models using lentiviral vectors.

Project Overview

Vectalys offers three services for the generation of in vivo models. From the generation of lentiviral vectors to the injection in animals, all steps are fully customizable.  All genetic modifications are performed using viral vectors carrying the gene of interest and additional technologies of your choice.

Custom in vivo models

The design of your project is fully customizable between any of following possibilities below. Our experts can help you to design your project and to decide which technologies fit the best your needs. 

Advantages of lentiviral vector for generating in vivo models

  • The use of adult animals which better represent the disease state/response
  • The use of animal models with tissue-specific genetic modifications
  • The use of inducible in vivo models using Tet system technology
  • The use of the same lentiviral vector batch from in vitro to in vivo applications
  • No stimulation of compensatory physiological response
  • No immunogenicity or inflammatory response thanks to high purity
  • No specific pseudotype or gene size issues
  • Save time and costs