Generation of stable cell line using lentiviral vectors

The use of lentiviral vectors for the generation of stable cell line allows an optimal transduction of immortalized, primary and stem cells while preserving the original cell phenotype.

More than 1200 cell line generation projects

Since the creation of the company in 2005, Vectalys has ran more than 1200 cell line generation projects using highly pure and concentrated lentiviral vectors.

When considering gene transfer into mammalian cells, the purification level of lentiviral vectors is critical. Vectalys has developed several specific purification levels according to the target cells.

Maintain the original cell phenotype

Using highly pure lentiviral vectors, Vectalys provides stable cell lines while maintaining the original phenotype to mimic, as much as possible, natural in vivo conditions.

For example, transduced T cells exhibit an original cell phenotype without any changes to T cells specific marker expression such as CD44, CD69, CD25 and Ly-6C, indicating that the use of our highly pure lentiviral vectors does not impact the T cells’ phenotype.

Manage and control expression level

Cell lines are commonly used for assay development and screening. One of the issues using such cell lines is controlling transgene expression. 

Being able to fully characterize expression rate and the number of copies in cells is essential to design robust screening assays.

In classical transfection approaches, the challenge is to ensure an appropriate and controlled expression level in target cells for any transgene. Thanks to high quality lentiviral vectors, Vectalys offers the opportunity to observe a quantitative effect linked to a differential gene expression level, by using a controlled Multiplicity of Infection (MOI).

Eliminate the need for antibiotic resistance

Antibiotics can influence the physiology of your target cells which is harmful when working with primary cells to maintain accurate natural in vivo conditions. Because it is possible to achieve 100% of transduced cells in only one experiment by using lentiviral vectors, the use of selection markers such as antibiotics is not required.

Save time and cost

Most of the transfection issues are about gene transfer efficiency into hard to transfect cells (lymphoid and myeloid cell lines, primary and stem cells).

Using lentiviral vectors, the expression of the sequence of interest (cDNA, shRNA, miRNA) is stable thanks to the vectors DNA integration into the host genome, providing a permanent cell line in one experiment.

This avoids having to transfect targeted cells multiple times for bioproduction or screening (CHO, HEK…).

Lentiviral vectors allow to save time, money and energy.

Custom stable cell lines expressing your gene of interest

Obtain your custom stable cell lines with lentiviral vectors dedicated to your target cells.

Discover our many possibilities on any cell type:

  • Immortalized cell lines

    Human cell lines
    Mouse cell lines
    CHO cells

  • Primary cells

    T/B Lymphocytes
    Dentritic cells
    Endothelial cells
    Tumoral cells
    Muscle cells

  • Stem cells

    Hematopoitetic SC
    Mesenchymal SC
    iPS cells
    ES cells