Plasmid expression RLP

As an academic or non-profit, you can order the plasmid expression RLP and produce your own non integrative lentiviral particles in your BSL2 laboratory.

Non-integrating lentiviral plasmid packaging mix made easy for Academics

The non-integrating lentiviral packaging mix includes three main components:

  • The packaging plasmid, which contains the minimal set of lentiviral genes required to generate the virion structural proteins and packaging functions mediated by a chimeric Coat protein (MCP).
  • The vesicular stomatitis virus G-protein envelope plasmid, which provides the heterologous envelope for pseudotyping.
  • The RNA transfer plasmid is devoid of any lentiviral sequences and contains an expression cassette with a multi Cloning Site (MCS). This plasmid includes the bacteriophage stem-loop structure cis acting sequence necessary for packaging of the resulting RNA into the chimeric RLP particles. This plasmid is for cDNA expression only.
Product Reference:
pRLP transfer plasmid 10µg
pRLP-MCP packaging plasmid 10µg
pVSVG envelope plasmid 10µg


How to order non-integrating lentiviral plasmid packaging mix?

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