LentiFlash® Particles

LentiFlash® is a new generation of non-integrating lentiviral particle. It is a safe, transient and efficient tool for the transfer of mRNA or other types of RNAs into target cells.

LentiFlash®: an RNA delivery lentiviral particle

LentiFlash®, a non-integrative lentiviral particle dedicated to cell and gene therapy applications, allows:

  • A safe and efficient non-viral RNA delivery
  • A short-term expression of your sequence of interest without retro-transcription nor integration
  • A transient RNA expression without genomic trace

A safe and efficient RNA delivery

LentiFlash® particles are VSV-G pseudotyped and highly purified. These two criteria make LentiFlash® very efficient for the transfer of biologically active RNAs into various cell types including immortalized, primary and stem cells.

As shown figure 1a and 1b, LentiFlash® can transduce at a high level multiple cell types (almost 100% of transduced cells).

NB: Depending on the cell type of interest, the RNA expression level is variable (shown with ZsGreen fluorecence level in this experiment).

transduction efficiency of LF in cell lines

Figure 1a: transduction efficiency of various cell lines using LentiFlash® carrying ZsGreen RNA.

transduction efficiency of LF in primary cells

Figure 1b: Transduction efficiency of various primary cell types using LentiFlash® carrying ZsGreen RNA.

Additionally, LentiFlash® is a safe RNA delivery tool since it preserves after transduction the original cell phenotype, the proliferation ability and a full cell viability.

A transient and fast expression:

LentiFlash® delivers mRNA directly into the cytoplasm leading to a high, fast (as early as 4h post-transduction) of your sequence of interest. These assets make LentiFlash® particularly suitable to carry CRISPR-Cas9 into your cells of interest while preserving their original cell phenotype and viability. RNA delivered by LentiFlash® technology is rapidly bioavailable. (Figure 2)

Short term and transient expression in vitro

Figure 2: in vitro and in vivo data with LentiFlash® particles carrying luciferase RNA

Short term expression

Figure 3: Comparison of the luciferase expression with several gene delivery methods: pLuc (plasmid carrying luciferase DNA), LentiFlash® carrying Luciferase RNA, IDLV (integrase deficient lentiviral vectors carrying Luciferase DNA) and ILV-Luc (Lentiviral vectors carrying Luciferase DNA)

LentiFlash® allows a faster expression than ILV (integrative lentiviral vectors), IDLV (integrase deficient lentiviral vectors) and transfection technologies (pLuc) without genomic traces.

To see more data, please click on the following link Nature publishing group.

An RNA-delivery system based on a bacteriophage coat protein

LentiFlash® is an RNA delivery system based on a bacteriophage-lentivirus chimera. It has been constructed by exploiting a bacteriophage coat protein and its cognate 19-nt stem loop instead of the natural lentiviral Psi packaging sequence to achieve mRNA packaging into the lentiviral vectors.

lentiflash production process

Figure 4: LentiFlash production process

Applications of LentiFlash® technology

Thanks to the high and short-term expression of the transferred RNA LentiFlash® is particularly suitable for:

Three formats of LentiFlash® are available: