Our team

Based on its founder’s fundamental skills in HIV virology and vectorology, the company’s scientific expertise has continuously increased. This core competence was gradually expanded thanks to Vectalys current multidisciplinary team and its skills in genetics, cellular biology and production processes.

Board of directors

Pascale Bouillé (CEO)

Initially involved in fundamental research in retrovirology, Pascale Bouillé has worked in a number of government and biotechnology research laboratories before creating Vectalys in 2005.

From her early days as a PhD student for the Gustave Roussy Institute (Professor Claude Paoletti) and postdoctoral researcher for the Pasteur Institute (Professor Luc Montagnier), she built up over 15 years' experience in R&D projects in the fields of drug discovery and virology. Pascale Bouillé then participated in various programs, first, by conducting gene therapy trials for the Genethon laboratories with Dr Olivier Danos, then followed by the successful transition of viral vector tools from a technology-based to a commercially oriented product with Vectalys.

Together with the Vectalys team, she provides a strong scientific background and a high level of specialist expertise and technical support to scientists and project leaders worldwide. Vectalys has now proven its flexibility and capacity to work on short- and long-term projects using gene transfer tools in various fields such as oncology, neurology, urology and many more.

Brigitte Mignotte-Darmon (Chief Administrative & Human Resources Officer)

With more than 20 years' experience in the development of HR policies for international groups, Brigitte joined Vectalys in 2008. She has gained extensive knowledge from working in different R&D environments including a large American technology company and a leading CRO. Brigitte manages the administrative organization at Vectalys, directing and overseeing policy related to staff and ancillary services.

She ensures the development and progress of the company’s organization and has set up a genuine HR policy to support company growth and to prepare Vectalys for the developments of tomorrow.

Management team

Adriana Georges (Business Development Manager)

Adriana joined Vectalys to develop its international business. In addition to her Master’s degree in biochemical engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA-T, France), she obtained a master’s degree in Innovation Management at the University Of Toulouse Graduate School Of Management in 2004 then at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA – USA) in 2006. Since 2004, Adriana coordinated multidisciplinary teams (R&D, sales…) to develop, in Europe, North America and in Asia, many high value-added technologies and product concepts for innovative companies in France and in the US.

These successful experiences, combined with her scientific background, give her all the qualities to expand Vectalys products and services worldwide.

Yohann Moal (Technical Support & Marketing Manager)

Yohann obtained his Master's Degree in Biotechnology and Bioproduction Engineering from the French National Institute of Biotechnology (ENSTBB, Bordeaux, France) in 2007. He then moved to the UK, working for two years as a downstream process development scientist at Oxford BioMedica Ltd (Oxford, UK) where he acquired hands-on experience in the development of a Phase III clinical trial process for lentiviral vectors.

Yohann joined Vectalys in 2009 as Project Manager for downstream process development in the field of purification, and in an R&D collaborative project to develop new non integrating viral particles. Always attentive to customers' needs, Yohann is now Technical Support & Marketing Manager and his functions include helping customers with the development of their vector application projects.

Lucille Lamouroux (Expression System Manager)

Lucille joined Vectalys in 2011. She began her career as a PhD student and scientific engineer in 2002 doing academic research in the field of life sciences. Since then she has successfully led the introduction of new technologies in biochemistry, genomics and molecular biology, including high-throughput experiments and the development of heterologous expression systems.

Her in-depth knowledge of the processes involved in the development of expression systems significantly helps to understand our customers’ needs. Lucille helps customers to identify and implement relevant tools that will bring value to their research.

Régis Gayon (Vectorology and Cell Models Manager)

After an MSc degree in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Montpellier, France, Régis began his career in an academic laboratory (INSERM, Paris) where he initiated a transcriptomics project to help understand Type I diabetes. Regis then spent 5 years as an R&D associate scientist at Endocube (Toulouse, France) where he was involved in a cellular genomics project, acquiring expertise in the purification and culture of primary cells in the field of vascular biology.

Régis joined Vectalys in 2005 as head of the Cell Models team. Since September 2012, he is also in charge production development, purification and concentration of viral vectors, bringing his expertise in cellular biology to ensure performance and reliability of viral vectors produced at Vectalys.

As head of the Vectors and Cell Models Teams, and strong of his experience of over 12 years in cellular and molecular biology, he oversees the viral vector production process and its enhancements, as well as manages the generation of new cellular models, from design to delivery, for use in the fields of bioproduction, gene target validation and drug discovery.

Christine Duthoit (In vivo Models Manager)

Christine obtained her PhD in 2000 and then worked for eight years in the United States and France, where she successfully led various projects examining immune responses in different animal models for autoimmune diseases. She gained experience in in vivo experimentation, animal care, biochemistry and cell biology after spending several years in academic research before becoming the head of the Animal Models department at Vectalys in 2008.

Her knowledge is now a key element for the development and testing of new animal models for Vectalys’ customers.

Carole Fernandez (Quality Manager)

After earning a master’s degree in Biochemical Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA, France), Carole specialized in the Quality field. In 2002, she earned a second master’s degree from the Institute of Food Industry (ISAA-P, France). For 10 years, she worked on several Quality Systems certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 22 000 – HACCP, GMP, ECOCERT and ECOCERT Greenlife (COSMEBIO) in probiotics, food supplements and herbal drugs industries.

Carole joined Vectalys in 2012. Today, she supervises the Quality department (Quality Assurance and Quality Control). Part of her mission is to ensure the implementation of Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing practices in the production process. She is also in charge of supporting Vectalys in its international development and managing our Assurance Quality system for continuous improvement.