Vectalys: the lentiviral manufacturing platform of Flash Therapeutics

As the lentiviral manufacturing platform of Flash Therapeutics, Vectalys produces both non-integrative (LentiFlash) and integrative lentiviral technologies from R&D to GMP grade.

Vectalys' history

Created in 2005 by Pascale Bouillé on her scientific expertise in virology and vectorology, Vectalys multidisciplinary team has generated more than 6000 lentiviral vector batches dedicated to gene and cell engineering applications. Vectalys has merged in 2018 with FlashCell to create Flash Therapeutics, a gene therapy company advancing two business lines:

  • Therapeutic development based on LentiFlash, with internal programs for blood and liver diseases;
  • Lentiviral technologies development and manufacturing to companies worldwide from research to clinical applications, through Vectalys, a CDMO expert in lentiviral vector manufacturing.

A CDMO expert in lentiviral vector manufacturing

As a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) of lentiviral technology, the Vectalys’ platform provides custom and premade lentiviral particles, for research purpose while providing GMP grade lentiviral tools for therapeutic applications. Thereby, the Vectalys’ manufacturing platform will span from research and development to GMP grade (clinical development). GMP production will begin in 2019, to develop and produce gene and cell therapy drugs.

Over 13 Years of know-how in lentiviral vector manufacturing

With a successful 13-year track record in lentiviral vector design and manufacturing, Vectalys is recognized as an expert producing high quality lentiviral particles that can be efficiently used on primary and stem cells. Vectalys has defined a lentiviral vector composition which, by virtue of the high titer and purity, minimizes the deleterious target cell phenotypic changes and the cell toxicity.

Depending on your application, Vectalys will produce integrative lentiviral vectors or non-integrative LentiFlash particles.

Awards and grants

Since its creation, Vectalys has received several awards & grants:

Awards Vectalys