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Vectalys, expert in gene delivery based on lentiviral vectors, is a private biotech company founded by Pascale Bouillé in 2005. Today, Vectalys counts 25 full-time employees exclusively dedicated to providing lentiviral vectors, cell models, molecular biology strategies and supporting your projects. Vectalys aims to help scientists worldwide understand cellular and molecular mechanisms in order to discover new drugs and therapies. 

An expert in gene delivery based on lentiviral vectors

Lentiviral vectors production platform

Vectalys has developed a state-of-the-art proprietary technology to provide the highest quality of lentiviral vectors for the transduction of hard-to-transfect cells like primary cells, stem cells and in vivo tissues.

Vectalys high quality lentiviral vectors ensure 100% transduction efficiency and non-toxic transduction on any target cells, for example to create predictive models. Because each project is unique, the Vectalys team supports you by providing custom lentiviral vectors for the right application with your gene of interest.

Vectalys is also the manufacturer of highly pure ready-to-use lentiviral vectors carrying fluorescent, bioluminescent or gene editing proteins. These products are distributed worldwide. Vectalys is committed to providing solutions that save your time and support your most ambitious projects.

Non-integrative RNA delivery capabilities

In parallel, strong of its 10 years of research on lentiviral delivery systems, Vectalys has developed a new game-changing class of RNA carriers. Vectalys has created a new generation of non integrating lentiviral vectors for non viral RNA delivery. Discover LentiFlash, the new generation of lentiviral particles and all its applications from experimental model generation to therapeutic approaches.

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Since its creation, Vectalys has received several awards & grants:

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