Lentiviral vectors technical training

Vectalys offers technical training to develop and increase user competence as well as to ensure correct handling of lentiviral vectors.

Technical training: How to use lentiviral vectors?

We develop one theoretical and two practical training sessions from using of lentiviral vectors to transducing cells and tissues:

  • Theoretical training to ensure that participants understand gene transfer technicalities, the use of lentiviral vectors and lentiviral vectors applications.
  • In vitro practical training to ensure that participants become fully competent in the operation and the use of lentiviral vectors.
  • In vivo practical training to teach participants how to inject lentiviral vectors into animal models

For more details please download our lentiviral vectors training program below. Trainings are run by qualified application specialists at the customer’s site or at our facility. If you are interested in receiving a quote, please contact us.

Safety training

The management of quality and safety procedures in laboratories that handle virus derived vectors for gene transfer is often a major concern for our clients. For this reason, Vectalys scientific team has been involved in several safety and regulatory training programs with its clients.

Vectalys has developed a series of specific lectures and workshops dedicated to the R&D laboratory to make sure that gene transfer is performed under optimal conditions of safety, regulatory environment and efficacy.