Custom LentiFlash® particles

Because the purity of lentiviral batch is essential, custom LentiFlash® particles are provided in Premium purification level.

Premium purification level to transduce efficiently any cell type of interest

Benefits of LentiFlash® premium purification level:

  • Very high level of transduction on any cell type of interest (from immortalized to primary cells)
  • No induced toxicity or cell damages thanks to the low impurity content
  • No antibiotic selection required

Quality features of LentiFlash® premium purification level:

Specific activity
(PP/mg protein)
>1x1011 >1x1010
  • Titre (PP/ml) : Gives the number of physical particles through the p24 protein measurement.
  • Specific activity (PP/mg) : Gives the ratio between the number of physical particles and contaminating proteins in the batch. Specific activity increases with the purity of the batch.

For LentiFlash® particles, there is only one quality level provided: The Vectalys Premium purification level. The LentiFlash® premium quality level allows the transduction of any cells of interest in vitro, in vivo or ex vivo.

The purity and the high titer of Vectalys' premium batches eliminate the deleterious phenotypic changes that typically occur following transduction of cells with low quality lentiviral batches (such as loss of a sub-population, effects on proliferation, viability and differentiation of transduced cells).

Fully customizable LentiFlash® particles production:

Vectalys offers many possibilities for the production of LentiFlash® particles carrying your gene(s) of interest:

  • Any sequence of interest can be carried: shRNA, sgRNA, mRNA... (multiple sequences can be added inside one particle).
  • Select reporters as needed: fluorescent proteins ( Fichier pdf click here to see fluorescent proteins available and their physical properties), bioluminescent protein, antibiotic resistance, tag….
  • Limit of 10kb for the encapsidation of the full cassette of interest.

Vectalys provides a specific evaluation pack for ordering your custom LentiFlash®

LentiFlash® is a Vectalys proprietary technology. Our evaluation pack and custom production come with a license for internal research and development only, with restrictions on third party transfers. Find out more in our Fichier pdf LentiFlash End User Rights or contact us regarding your specific project.

For the completion deadline: expect the same production lead time as for lentiviral vectors.