Custom LentiFlash™

LentiFlash™ is the next generation of non-integrating lentiviral particle for mRNA delivery.

mRNA delivery is an attractive strategy to achieve transient expression in research projects. However current methods based on transfection are not efficient on primary cells, because of cytotoxicity and low level of expression. Today, there is a requirement for better efficiency of mRNA delivery into primary cells. LentiFlash™ non-integrating lentiviral particle answers these needs.

A highly efficient expression on hard-to-transfect cells:

LentiFlash™ can transduce at a high level human primary T cells, a clinically target which is not easily transfected using electroporation or chemical transfection. Percentages of positive cells is similar to those reached by integrating lentiviral vectors at MOI 25 and MOI 50. LentiFlash™ technology is very efficient on hard-to-transfect cells (Figure 1).

LentiFlash highly efficient on primary cells

A transient expression in vitro and in vivo:

LentiFlash™ particles provide a short-term and transient expression of your protein of interest in vitro. RNA delivered by LentiFlash™ technology is rapidly bioavailable. (Figure 2)

Short term and transient expression in vitro
Short term and transient expression in vivo

See complete research data in our article on Nature publishing group.

A short-term expression of your protein of interest:

Unlike transfection or classical lentiviral transduction, LentiFlash™ delivers directly mRNA into the cytoplasm. It allows high and short-term expression of your sequence of interest (4H). In a nutshell, LentiFlash™ allows a faster expression than ILV, IDLV and transfection technologies without genomic traces.

Short term expression