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GMP lentiviral particle manufacturing facilities to produce gene & cell therapy drugs

GMP lentiviral particle manufacturing facilities
Both platforms will benefit from a strong & recognized 13-year track record in lentiviral vector manufacturing



Two questions for Dr Valérie VANNEAUX, head of cell therapy production unit at Saint-Louis hospital:

1.    Could you describe in a few words the cell therapy platform developed at Saint-Louis Hospital?


For the past 10 years, the world of cell and gene therapy has changed with new regulations and emergence of new treatment opportunities thanks to innovative therapeutic strategies such as CAR T cells based treatment. However, the lack of GMP infrastructures fulfilling the requirements of the european regulations to produce Innovative Therapeutic Drugs has restrained the development of this kind of treatment in France.


Today, we are proud to host at Saint-Louis Hospital (Public Assistance Hospital of Paris AP-HP) a new cell and tissue engineering therapy platform in France. This new platform, which combines high tech equipment and internal skills in cell and gene therapy, will allow patients to benefit fastly from this new range of medicines through clinical programs (phase I / II) developed by AP-HP or by industrial research teams.


2.    Why did you choose Flash Therapeutics for GMP lentiviral vector production in your platform?


Since 2005, Vectalys (today Flash Therapeutics) has developed a unique and patented know-how in lentiviral vectors production. The quality of their products differs from all competitors in terms of particle titer and purification, meaning that cells that could be genetically modified will be safer when re-implanted into patients.


Thanks to Flash Therapeutics, our platform will benefit from a strong & recognized 13-year track record in lentiviral vector manufacturing, tools that will be used in cell and gene therapy strategies to cure patients. This three-year partnership with Flash Therapeutics is a great opportunity to give patients in France access to innovative treatments.

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