Lentiviral vectors for gene editing

Vectalys provides premade lentiviral vectors for gene editing.

Gene editing

Vectalys provides lentiviral vectors carrying cre-lox recombinase to edit gene inside your specific cell lines. Cre-lox recombinase is a site specific recombinase technology allowing activation or deletion of a gene of interest.

  • ILV-EF1a-CRE

    Gene Editing Vectalys
    Price upon request
    Vectalys premium Integrative Lentiviral Vector expressing CRE recombinase under EF1a promoter
    1x20μl (ILV-EF1a-CRE-9-001) or 5x20µl (ILV-EF1a-CRE-9-010)
    Titer: 1E9 TU/ml
  • 0027VCT - ILV-EF1a-Tet-On3G-IRES-Neo

    Gene Editing Clontech
    Price upon request
    rLV-EF1a-Tet-On3G-IRES-Neo 3x20µl at 1E9 TU/ml