Vectalys’ know how

Vectalys provides highly purified and concentrated lentiviral vectors that efficiently transfer genetic material into all types of cells without altering cell phenotype and viability.

Expertise in lentiviral vector production since 2005

Using its own proprietary technology, Vectalys has developed three production and purification processes in order to provide the right lentiviral vectors for the right application. Since the creation of the company in 2005, we have generated more than 6000 lentiviral vector batches for various customer applications.

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A unique patented purification process

Vectalys stands above other lentiviral vector producers by offering various purification processes adapted to client projects.

Using classical production processes, elevated levels of protein impurities found in the lentiviral vector finished product result in observed target cell toxicity after transduction.

Through a patented process involving serum and antibiotic free media,  followed by several purification steps, Vectalys  is able to provide lentiviral vector preparations that are up to 99% free of protein and DNA impurities. Today Vectalys offers the purest vectors on the market.

The purification steps used by Vectalys  prevent post-transduction phenotypic alterations  and certain undesired cell responses. The resulting highly purified lentiviral vector finished products allow for efficient transduction of genetic material into delicate or hard-to-transfect cells.

Purification of lentiviral vectors

A robust and strong titration method

Differences TU PP

The lentiviral vectors titer in TU/ml we provide represents the true count of efficient particles that our customers can use for their experiments. Most of our competitors do not provide titers in TU/ml units but the full count of particles, including damaged or empty particles which bring nothing but toxicity to the target cells.

During the production of viral vectors, functional and non functional particles are produced. A functional and complete particle is called a transduction unit (TU). Physical Particles (PP) represent functional particles and also non functional particles including empty particles, damaged particles and free p24 proteins. The PP/TU ratio is a good measure of the quality of the vector produced.

To increase the ratio of functional particles, it is essential to reduce the production of PP in the viral supernatants. This is another advantage of having a reliable and discriminating titration method for the different types of particles.

Integrative and non-integrative lentiviral technologies

Depending on your application, Vectalys provides both integrative lentiviral vectors and non-integrative LentiFlash particles.

Lentiviral vector transduction

Current lentiviral vectors, which deliver DNA integrated into the genome, are a leading delivery method for certain applications such as gene addition, stable cell line generation or cancer immunotherapy, which require a stable and long-term gene expression.

LentiFlash particles transduction

However it has been shown that the delivery of nuclease or antigens using integrative lentiviral particles leads to a toxicity for the resulting modified cells due to high and persistent expression of nucleases/proteins that should be transiently expressed. Combining a transient expression with a safe and efficient RNA delivery, the use of LentiFlash is preconized for gene editing applications (Knock-In and Knock-Out).

Lentiviral technology manufacturing from R&D to GMP grade

Attentive customer support experts

Along with providing high quality lentiviral vector products, Vectalys offers its expertise and support to clients in areas such as project management, scientific design, and project follow-up. According to their needs, clients may tailor Vectalys level of project intervention, from simplying delivering lentiviral vector products to complete consumer support, from A to Z. Vectalys also helps clients determine the best suited lentiviral vector construction for their projects, so that they may obtain up to 100% target cell transduction efficiency.

I tried multiple lentiviral vector providers for my experiments on NK cells, and lentiviral particles from Flash Therapeutics gave the best results.
Florence B. USA

Vectalys has very qualified and committed scientists, they deliver on what they promise. It's always a pleasure to work with them and their products.
Urs Lüthi, Associate Director and Deputy Head HTS at Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Vectalys lentiviral batches have always been at the highest standard with excellent support from the scientific team: that has been a real asset for conducting our research projects over the years!
Thomas Moreau, Research Associate at University of Cambridge

"Vectalys has proposed effective solutions to all the problems encountered in the production of our viruses. They have been of great help in implementing our project."
Pierre, Team Leader

Vectalys team is a great support and technical expertise to answer about ours projects
Guillaume, preclinical researcher in neurosciences

Since we work with Vectalys, we have always had full satisfaction of Vectalys products
Yara Barreira, Unit director at INSERM

Thank you and all the staff at Vectalys for the great help at any level of the project.
Giuseppe, Head of Neuroscience, Italy

I would like to thank you again for your clear, efficient and successful work plan. It has been a very positive experience!
Janette, Scientist, UK

I thank you for the service Vectalys provides us and will for sure advertise it in the near future to our research network
Marc, Senior Scientist, Switzerland