Custom stable cell lines

Using the right lentiviral vector for the right application, Vectalys is able to generate customized stable cell lines of any cell type from immortalized to primary and stem cells.

Custom immortalized cell lines using lentiviral vectors

Transduction of difficult to transfect cell

Immortalized cell lines are mutated organisms which proliferate indefinitely in culture. They are widely used in life science for drug discovery and target validation.

Vectalys generates immortalized cell lines using its own vector productions.

Lentiviral vectors with a purification level dedicated to immortalized cell lines allow highly efficient transduction from easy-to-transfect to hard-to-transfect cell lines, like Jurkat cells, THP1 cells, U937 cells, Raji cells and many other.

Custom primary and stem cells using lentiviral vectors

Transduction of hematopoietic linage

Numerous disparities exist between the physiological environment of artificial screening systems using immortalized cell lines and natural tissues. This has led to characterization issues in drug discovery and target validation.

Immortalized cells do not always reflect the desired clinical efficacy and safety of the compounds under examination and more and more scientists are now working on primary and stem cells as a result.

Lentiviral vectors with the right purification level for primary cells ensure high efficiency transduction and stable expression.

Vectalys has successfully transduced many cell types for a wide number of studies.

Options for a customized stable cell line project:

Your stable cell line project is fully customizable with any of the possibilities below. Our expert team will help you to design the best stable cell lines for your needs.

Options stable cell lines