Cell engineering using lentiviral vectors

Delicate cells are not permissive to classical transfection reagents. On the other hand, lentiviral vectors efficiently transduce and genetically modify primary and stem cells without inducing cell toxicity or phenotypic changes. For these reasons, lentiviral vectors are widely used for highly efficient cell engineering experiments.

Gene editing with non-integrating lentiviral vectors

Our new lentiviral vector technology named LentiFlash provides an efficient way of editing the genome of your target cells.

LentiFlash is the next generation of non-integrating lentiviral vectors for transient and short-term RNA delivery.

Vectalys has used LentiFlash carrying the CRE-Lox system for genome editing of multiple cell lines.

Cell differentiation with lentiviral vectors

The use of transcription factors allows cell differentiation into different pathways.

The generation or the use of Induced pluripotent stem cells (also known as iPS cells or iPSCs) is also one of the most famous developments in cell differentiation for which several gene transfer techniques can be utilized.

Vectalys offers transient and stable gene transfer tools (respectively LentiFlash and VectaPremium) for cell differentiation applications.

Immunotherapy with lentiviral vectors

Engineered T cells are widely used for therapy development against tumors.

While human and activated mouse T cells are easily transduced with lentiviral vectors, transduction of naive and regulatory murine T cells is a technical challenge, since those target cells are poorly permissive to transfection or viral transduction.

The composition of lentiviral vectors in terms of titer, specific activities and purity are key to successfully transduce murine T cells.

This major technological difference allows to tightly control expression of various modifiers of these cells and thus paves the way to design original tools and develop cell-based cancer treatments.

Do you need a stable or transient gene expression?

Some experiments need integration of the gene of interest in the host cells for a stable expression. For other applications, researchers need fast and transient gene expression.

To address those needs individually, Vectalys provides two types of gene transfer products, both highly concentrated and purified for the use on primary and stem cells:

  • VectaPremium:  for a stable and efficient transduction.
  • LentiFlash:  for a short-term and transient RNA transfer.